It’s so hard to find the time to workout during the holidays. Our time is limited and our stress is high. Here is the solution to a fast workout that you can do anywhere that will increase your energy and endorphins! Grab a chair or find a ledge to brace yourself. The rest is just reps!

30 reps on each side! If you need more resistance grab some ankle weights (no more than 2 pounds) and increase your reps to 40. Remember to check out our Look-Like-A-Million-Lunges™ shapewear capri under our “fitness shapewear” homepage at http://www.cityfity.com. Have fun with these exercises!

Exercise 1:


Exercise 2:


Exercise 3:


Exercise 4:


Exercise 5:



Turkey Booty Burn

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Just in time for your food coma, I’ve put together a booty burn sesh to help burn some calories while you relax the rest of the evening. More muscle = More Fat Burning, while you rest!

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1st exercise:
Place right leg at a 90 degree angle from the hip – fire hydrant position :). Keep both hips facing the mat. Press the leg straight back with a flexed foot. Bring the leg back to the 90 degree angle. Repeat 30 times on each side. (Advanced: use 1-2 pound ankle weights)


2nd exercise:
Bring your leg back from fire hydrant with your leg still bent in a 90 degree angle and placed behind the hip. Keeping the knee bent, lower the leg down. Then, lift back up into the original position. Repeat 30 times on each side. (Advanced: use 1-2 pound ankle weights)


3rd exercise:
Still on your knees and hands. Draw your right knee into your chest, while you bend your elbows for a mini pushup! Press the leg straight back and then bring it back in as you exhale and pull in your abdominals. *More Muscle Groups Used A Once, More Calories You Burn* Repeat 30 times on each side. (Advanced: use 1-2 pound ankle weights)


As always ask you doctor before you begin any new workout routines. Enjoy the rest of your holiday!!


Turkey Booty Burn

Surviving Calorie Overhaul During the Holidays

The holidays are nearing! This is honestly my favorite time of year: holiday music, smells of fresh cut evergreens and shopping deals! Our family already has our tree and decorations up for Christmas. (Yes, I know it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet. We like to be prepared.:))

I’m also reminded about the additional calories that I seem to take in, especially sugary calories. I can’t resist a good dessert during the holidays! My motto is everything in moderation. Over the years, I find if I deprive myself of the things I really want my body gets cranky and I eventually overeat. Another tip that has worked for me is I try to eat clean the day of a holiday party. I know that the party will have breaded hors d’oeuvres, dips, cheeses, desserts, sugary cocktails and the list goes on. But, if I eat clean all day, I know I can eat and drink those items in moderation. My last little trick to survive the calorie overhaul is eat before you go to a holiday party! Unless it is a seated dinner, you can eat your healthy dinner and then enjoy a desert or drink at the party without the guilt!

Here is a healthy holiday treat tip that will help keep you waist slim and trim! Try this Pilates teaser with light weights (no more than 2 pounds). This will help build muscle in your abdominal wall, lower back, hip flexors, and trim your waist! Did you know Pilates is more effective than regular crunches?

Pilates Teaser:
Lie flat on your mat. Arms at a 90 degree angle towards the ceiling, inhale, then exhale as you lift your legs and torso into a V position. Inhale, then exhale slowly as you lower your legs and upper body back to the mat one vertebra at a time.

Modified version:
No weights. Instead of straight legs, bring your legs to a table top position.


Remember muscle burns fat even after your workout!! Good luck and let me know if you give these a try and what you think.

**Check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise routines**

Surviving Calorie Overhaul During the Holidays

Vote & Share It To WIN It!

Vote & Share It To WIN It!

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