Surviving Calorie Overhaul During the Holidays

The holidays are nearing! This is honestly my favorite time of year: holiday music, smells of fresh cut evergreens and shopping deals! Our family already has our tree and decorations up for Christmas. (Yes, I know it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet. We like to be prepared.:))

I’m also reminded about the additional calories that I seem to take in, especially sugary calories. I can’t resist a good dessert during the holidays! My motto is everything in moderation. Over the years, I find if I deprive myself of the things I really want my body gets cranky and I eventually overeat. Another tip that has worked for me is I try to eat clean the day of a holiday party. I know that the party will have breaded hors d’oeuvres, dips, cheeses, desserts, sugary cocktails and the list goes on. But, if I eat clean all day, I know I can eat and drink those items in moderation. My last little trick to survive the calorie overhaul is eat before you go to a holiday party! Unless it is a seated dinner, you can eat your healthy dinner and then enjoy a desert or drink at the party without the guilt!

Here is a healthy holiday treat tip that will help keep you waist slim and trim! Try this Pilates teaser with light weights (no more than 2 pounds). This will help build muscle in your abdominal wall, lower back, hip flexors, and trim your waist! Did you know Pilates is more effective than regular crunches?

Pilates Teaser:
Lie flat on your mat. Arms at a 90 degree angle towards the ceiling, inhale, then exhale as you lift your legs and torso into a V position. Inhale, then exhale slowly as you lower your legs and upper body back to the mat one vertebra at a time.

Modified version:
No weights. Instead of straight legs, bring your legs to a table top position.


Remember muscle burns fat even after your workout!! Good luck and let me know if you give these a try and what you think.

**Check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise routines**

Surviving Calorie Overhaul During the Holidays

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